Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are durable, lightweight, and water-resistant, making them perfect for almost any indoor or outdoor application. They are available in virtually any size required and are typically finished with Hems & Grommets. In addition to standard scrim vinyl, banner media is manufactured with other features to address specific installation needs, including block-out layers, light mesh (holes), and smoother surfaces.

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SSB - Standard Vinyl Banner

SSB (13oz Standard Scrim Banner) is a great economical option for almost any typical banner application. However, SSB is not recommended for hanging banners where light is passing through the back as it does not have a blockout layer (see PBB as an alternative).

SSB (Specs - Duratex 13oz Banner)

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LMB - Mesh Vinyl Banner

LMB (8oz Mesh Vinyl Banner) is partially see-through because of its open vinyl scrim pattern. LMB is used primarily for fences and building wraps or other applications that require lightweight and/or air flow-through.

LMB (Specs - UltraFlex Strip Mesh)

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PBB - Blockout Vinyl Banner

PBB (18oz Premium Blockout Banner) is extremely strong and has a very smooth print surface, making it perfect for double-sided 'Rod Pocket' banners as well as banners with a very close viewing distance. PBB with the standard 'Grommets Only' option selected, is still very strong even without Hems, especially for smaller indoor banner applications.

PBB (Specs - Ultraflex Pole Banner).pdf

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TSB - Translucent Vinyl Banner

TSB (15oz Translucent Scrim Banner) is made to withstand all types of weather conditions making it suitable for long term outdoor back-illuminated applications, but it also works great for indoor applications. TSB is printed with a special Backlit Layer profile that will optimize the appearance of the image when it is backlit, but it will look dark when there is no light behind the graphic.

TSB (Specs - Ultraflex Vulite Supreme)

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USB - Smooth Vinyl Banner (96in)

USB (12oz Ultra Smooth Banner) is a curl resistant blockout banner vinyl with a very smooth print surface, making it well suited for banner stands, commonly used in tradeshow environments. USB can also be used for light-duty indoor banner applications (without hems).

USB (Specs - Duratex 12oz Smooth)

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CAN - MultiTex Canvas Banner (52in)

CAN (6.5oz MultiTex Canvas) is a multi-purpose canvas made from 100% polyester spun yarn. The unique construction and coating make it a great economical choice for fine art reproduction, indoor displays, wall murals, and other art décor applications.

CAN (Specs - MultiTex Canvas).pdf

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IPP - Poster Paper Banner (61in)

IPP (135 gms Indoor Poster Paper) can be used for indoor or short-term outdoor applications, including backlit Transit Shelter Posters. (see TST under the Rigid Category as an alternative Transit Shelter product).

IPP (Specs - TriSolv 3689)

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TWFB - Standard Fabric Banner

Standard Fabric Banners are made using TWF (Triplewhite Fabric) which is an excellent all-round indoor banner fabric, in that it has good blockout with an exceptionally silky smooth print surface for a very high-end luxurious look.

TWF - Specifications and Care Sheet

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MEFB - Mesh Fabric Banner

Mesh Fabric Banners are made using MEF (Mesh Fabric) which is an alternative to Vinyl Fence Mesh for Events as it is lighter, can be folded, stretches tight on installation, and can be seen from both sides of the fence as it is a sheer fabric.

MEF - Specifications and Care Sheet

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BBFB - Blockout Fabric Banner

Blockout Fabric Banners are made with BBF (Blackback Fabric) which can be used indoors for banners where it is imperative that all light coming from behind the banner is blocked out, making it perfect for 'Rod Pocket' banners. With the standard 'Grommets Only' option selected, it is still very strong even without Hems, especially for smaller banner applications.

BBF - Specifications and Care Sheet

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FGFB - Sheer Fabric Banner

Sheer Fabric Banners are made using FGF (Flag Fabric) which is perfect when a sheer banner with is desired. Ink penetrant is used during production so the ink passes through so the image can be seen on the backside of the fabric banner.

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